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So I'm single again.

After 6 1/2 years, this is kind of a big, scary thing. It was my decision, my choice, but damn was it hard. I won't get into the whys and the wherefores; aside from anything else, it's not very interesting.

One thing it has shown me is how amazing my friends are. Just the amount of comfort and help and being there has been awesomely awesome.

It'll be weird facing the world on my own. For years, I've been one half of a pair, and that's always been kind of hard for me, because I fiercely value my independence. There's a part of me that is thrilling to go out and meet people and make mistakes, that wants what's raw and exciting and frightening and savage. There's another part that wants to cower in the corner, because what if they don't like me and what if I'm wrong, all those horrid little thoughts that come crawling in at 3am.

So yes. That's my big life-changing thing for today.

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Crazy stuff happening in the city at the moment. We're all okay over here, despite rumours people are heading over to Brent Cross (which is just up the road) to start smashing stuff up. Classic comment from a neighbour - 'No, it always looks like that.'

Oh yes, in other news, I have moved jobs (again) and can now be found only at your Marble Arch, cluttering up the place. Hello city life, cocktails, coffee, the pitfalls of public transport and - shock! - an actual life.


It has been a really horrendous couple of months.

I wish I had something better to say than that. There has been family stuff, and work stuff (mostly work stuff, in fairness), and the two combined have made the last six weeks or so some of the hardest of my life.

Luckily, I have great friends. They know the value of cocktails and cathartic venting, and also when to interject things like 'what an enormous prick'. (A skill that is underrated, I feel.)

I also have a great other half, who does things like interview Kelly Brook and then comes home and tells me I'm prettier. He is a fine liar, that man, but I wouldn't swap him. His ability to cook is pretty damn awesome too as it has saved me from a diet of pancakes and chocolate.

One of my grandmothers has gone a bit loopy. It runs in that side of the family - now, don't look too shocked - so it was only a matter of time. I went to visit her at Christmas with my parents, and it was really sad to see how fragile she is.

She's tiny as it is, all bird bones and blue rinse, and she looked like a doll in the hospital bed. Her conversation has suddenly become scintillating though: there we were, chatting away about Christmas and presents and whatnot, when she told me Lady Gaga had given a concert at the hospital. Now, I didn't think my grandmother even knew who Lady Gaga was, so I was deeply impressed with her pop culture knowledge (she's 83), if a touch disbelieving.

Then she told me that the nurses were running a cocaine ring. And then she thanked me for the slippers. It was quite surreal.

New Years Eve was fun. I spent it in Canary Wharf at my friend's flat. There was oodles of champagne, wine, and at some point, I'm sure there was a strawberry mojito.

Before midnight, we trundled down to a bridge over the Thames to watch the fireworks. Resolutions were made (one of my friends decided on 'more sex' which was an unfortunate thing to be shouting as we walked to the river), and we counted down, and I think we had a mass Auld Lang Syne singalong with some merry strangers, though it's hard to recall through the glittery fog of champagne haze. It was a great start to the year.

It's only 15 days into 2011: still plenty of time for it to be more awesome than 2010.

It's a good memory. And a good place to end.

My kingdom for a title...

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It is also coming up to Christmas again! One of my favourite parts of it is writing Christmas cards. If you’d like a card, please drop me a comment (they’re screened) and I shall get a card out to you full of festive joy and wishes!

In the meantime, I hope all is well!
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Well, things are looking up slightly

Turns out Royal Mail are only slightly incompetent. Some idiot at the depot scanned my parcel as collected when it wasn't, so when Jane Norman and RM customer services looked at it, it said delivered. Sitting in the depot the whole time, thank god.

I'm less angry now.

Thanks for the well-wishes. They are needed.
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The weather outside is frightful...

Fortunately, the central heating is quite delightful. But soon I'm going to have to leave its shelter. It's 4am, I have a hideous cold, and I have to get into work through the snow. Urgh. On the one hand, beautiful views. On the other, the Suzuki is not exactly designed for snow. But the cold should stop it exploding in a giant fireball, so it's swings and roundabouts, I guess.

In other news, belated happy new year! I've been busy being crushed by sale shoppers since the 27th, but today will be a welcome breather.
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Things I have learned today

First: champagne, vodka, port, gin, tequila and cream don't mix.

Obvious, right? But, nay, when they come in the form of delicious Sosho cocktails...no. No, not at all. Following a delicious and alcoholic meal with a friend, I have - somehow - got myself home without cannoning off the many walls of London and am currently stealth-typing so as not to wake the Hack.

Seriously, you have no idea how long it took me to type that paragraph without it looking like dghslfhkfhkfhsk.

Second: Christmas is not unlike a ninja. It creeps up on you. How did it get to 8 days to Christmas, and I have yet to buy half my presents and wrap all of them? Chaos!

Third: yikes. Scary stuff.

Fourth: what is this 'my stats' feature that hath appeared on my LJ? I'm confuzzled. Though of course, that might be the alcohol.

Fifth: in monumental lack of awesome, I have to take my car into a dealer to be repaired, or so sayeth the letter that rocked up on my parents' doorstep today. Or it might explode in a FIREBALL, I kid you not. Yes, the pinkmobile requires urgent repairs. Unfortunately, I have no more days off until after Christmas, so I shall spent the next two weeks or so in a frenzy of panic as I drive to work and back, wondering if fiery death is around the corner. Let's hope not, eh?

Much love,
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